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model 66-1 with a 2.5" bbl, serial #25K6xxx
SN's ran from 25K0001 in 1978 to 56K9999 that year.
I've heard both sides as far as using 357 loads go. The one thing agreed on is to avoid the fast, light bullet 357 loadings (125gr. bullets).
That said, shooting full power 357's will wear any gun down faster than shooting 38 special rounds.

38 model 10? n/serial 9676x
Is that the whole serial number, just 9676X? Take the serial number from the underside of the frames grip butt and include any letter prefixes. Depending on what grips are on it you may have to remove them to see it.
I assume it's a 6 shot?

It is a K-frame with a 4-digit number "8763" stamped, in the frame web, where I would expect to see the model number. This number is different from the 4-digit serial number that is stamped on the butt,
The serial number is the one on the butt. I need that one to date it.

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