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No joy today

Thought I'd share my frustration so pardon me while I vent.

So I'm sitting in my stand this afternoon in the last few minutes of shooting light. Wind was gusting pretty good at times but not too bad. I hear a crunch off to my left and catch the first of 6 does wandering out of the thick stuff behind me and to the left. I watch the parade go by with a couple of fawns bringing up the rear. Five minutes or so goes by and I catch more movement off to my left and here come 3 more does and a small basket 6 point buck that we've decided to let grow for another year at least. So now that's 10 deer that have gone by me but I'm holding out for a nice big bodied 6 pointer with no brow tines that's been wandering the property. About 10 more minutes goes by and I hear a crunch to my left again, it's a big bodied deer but I can't tell if there's antlers on it because the head is behind a cedar tree. It wanders into some thick stuff and I raise my muzzleloader because I'm confident this is the deer I've been waiting for. Deer clears the thick stuff right where I expected it too and for sure it's the 6 pointer I've been looking for. I put the crosshair on the spot right behind the front shoulder and I figure at 50 yards this one's a gimme. I pull the trigger and my muzzleloader sounds like a cap gun. Deer explode in every direction but the six pointer only goes about 10 yards and stops looking around, by this time I figured out that the powder for whatever reason didn't ignite. I find another primer and try to quickly recap the rifle without getting busted, by the time I get a new primer in the gun the six pointer has wandered down the hill apparently not too bothered by the whole experience. I never wanted to throw a gun so bad in my life, I think I used every four letter word I know and I may have made up a few new ones. Bad primer? Bad Powder? Plugged breech plug? I did rule out the breech plug tonight, but I took it out and cleaned it anyway, dumped the triple 7 that was in the rifle and changed primers too. Hopefully I'll get another shot at that deer tomorrow, but I'm sure I'm going to have to change stands to do it. Oh well I guess if it was easy everyone would do it. I'm still a bit aggravated about the whole thing but glad I got a chance to see the deer and I still have 4 more days to put a tag on him.

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