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Post subject: Remington Model 870 Wingmaster Super Mag

Hey guys,

I just had a minor mishap and ruined my 870 Wingmaster barrel... I was looking at prices to replace it and barrels are running nearly the same as a new gun.

So I have been doing some research and wanted to keep the reliability of my 870, with the more polished Wingmaster (as apposed to the Express) but also upgrade to 3 1/2 in shells...

I found that Remington, for a short while, made an 870 Wingmaster Super Mag, which I think would be ideal for me, however I am coming to find that these are pretty rare.

Does anyone know perhaps where I could look to find one of these rare guns? And maybe tell me how much I would be looking to pay? I have some guns I am looking to sell to make this upgrade...

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