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Years ago we squirrel hunted across the road from a friends house. In the years we hunted there we had never seen anyone else hunting that area. On one hunt I found a 16 gauge Remington Model 1100 leaning against a tree. It was loaded with number 6 shot and in excellent condition. I took it back to my friends house and we speculated whose it was and what to do with it.

Thinking that someone might come back looking for it, we made a sign, tacked it to the tree where it was found. On the sign, a large piece of white aluminum, we painted “ Lost a Gun?” and our phone numbers. My friend asked around also, but no one in the area had lost a gun. Also checked with the sheriff's office, but there was no record of it being stolen. The sign lasted for many years, but we never got a call.

Many times I’ve speculated as to why and who leaned it against that tree, but I’ll never know for sure.
Those who beat their guns into plows, will plow for those who don't.-Thomas Jefferson
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