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When I was 17 in NW Wisconsin we were making a deer drive through some mixed hard woods. I saw a hunter on a stand about 40 yards away midway through the drive. He waived to let me know he was there I waived back acknowledging. I go 10 more steps and see a deer rump the rest of the body was blocked by oak that had partially blown down. I sneak around the tree and a six pt start to jump up. I shot from the hip into its neck killing it instantly. They guy on the stand went ballistic yelling about shooting for no reason around other hunters. I yelled back that I killed a nice buck of course he yells some obscenities and comes over. He see that I did safely shoot the buck. He then offered his help. Since I was new to hunting I let him we went to pull buck away from tree his antler tip was under a root the size of my finger and broke easily allowing us to pull him away from tree to dress. We figured the buck was laying down and hooked his antler while that guy was walking to his stand and was calmly waiting for him to leave the stand until I spotted it. It was a perfect spot to hide slight depression half of tree tipped over. How many deer survive by just letting you stroll past? That is my story from 1979

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