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Pro/Con between SW1911 E-series and Sig 1911 C3

I'm window shopping now for a near future purchase of a 1911.

This handgun will primarily be used at the range (90%). My budget prefers closer to $800 but I would be willing to stretch it to $1200. This is a handgun my wife will also be shooting and she likes the idea of Crimson Trace grips.

I am considering between the S&W SW1911 E-Series (two-tone) and the Sig 1911 Ultra Two-Tone C3. I have held the C3 and like the feel and grip. Any comments that would help me decide between these models as well as buying the Crimson Trace versions are appreciated.

These two were picked because of the feel, look, availability of Crimson Trace models and price points. I am open for suggetions too.
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