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Tasers; $$$, choices....

I'm not fully checked out on Tasers or a "expert" but to my understanding the C2 is designed to discharge a longer shock than the X26/X26c models & it sprays tiny RFIDs on the violent attacker to help ID them later.
The law enforcement/spec ops models like the T3/T2 can be used with multiple subjects or shots.
For most citizen uses/private protection I still say the red or yellow model C2 would be better.
I'd get a bright color so you can quickly see it in low/no light(darkness) & a uniformed LE officer or security guard won't mistake the C2 for a firearm.

Those events can & do happen in real life. A female police officer near my city shot & killed a unarmed subject because she jerked out the wrong duty weapon off her uniform belt.
BTW: the T3 Taser is like a hairdryer & the bulky weapon may be hard to conceal. My city's large PD just bought new X26 law enforcement Tasers.

ps; The new X26/X26c EDWs run around $1000.00 too.
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