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Ser.# in 3 places?

Contrary to many PPK and PPK/s owners I really enjoy and prize my S&W made PPK/s, I have a NIB Interarms PPK and from my machinist's viewpoint I see little to choose quality wise between them except the use of MIM parts in the S&W (The ejector broke recently, and it cost me $58 to replace it, I'd much prefer precision investment cast parts as in the Interarms).
I noticed tonight that the serial number is laser engraved in three places on the frame, the normally seen one just behind the trigger on the RH side, and near the bottom RH side under the grip down low a small ser. #, and again even smaller just below the hammer on the RH side. This seems very odd to me, does anyone have an idea of why they did that?
The Interarms gun has just the one serial number below the trigger on the RH side.
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