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S&W 66-1

Hey guys,

I've got a model 66-1 with a 2.5" bbl, serial #25K6xxx and was wondering when it was made. Also, it's in great condition but I've always heard (unofficially) that it's not a good idea to fire a steady diet of factory .357 Magnum loads through it, and that it was designed more for standard .38 Special loads with occasional factory Magnum rounds.

Year ago I used to own many S&W models, but my health has declined over the years and I have only managed to retain the favorite of my former collection, the model 66. I love these older S&W's with recessed cylinders, pinned bbl and large S&W logo on the removable side plate. No goofy lock or other selling gimmicks. Just a good old-fashioned revolver

As for when it was made, I've pulled the grips and checked all over and can see what appear to be random letters/numbers as well as the serial number, but no build date. Could someone tell me when it was made and the ratio of ammunition I should observe with this model?

Thank you greatly
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