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Some great stories guys.

Killed an Antelope with a knife in hand to hand combat.......Took my youngest son (12) on his first Antelope hunt in Wyoming. He spies a nice buck that's only about 50 yards away and proceeds to shoot. Problem was the rifle was sighted in at 200 yards so the bullet went high and grazed the Antelope's back, taking all the hair off and stunning it as it dropped to the ground. Not realizing the goat wasn't dead, I picked up the head by his right horn and suddenly it sprung to life.....we'll, I wasn't about to let go, so I wrestled it to the ground like a Rodeo cowboy, reached for my knife and cut it's throat.
I got a real kick out of Rembrant's antelope story. I've never had to cut the throat on one but I have forgot where my rifle was sighted in at and shot over the back of a couple of close antelope. Damn embarassing.
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