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Way back in time...the middle 60's, my cousin and I put up a wooden tree stand on the edge of a bean field where we'd always wanted to hunt. Flipped a coin and I won and got to hunt it that evening. Real cold and raining, and I was under a military poncho, just watching. Just about dusk, here comes a big doe from back in the woods and she crept to the edge of the bean field. She was the lead doe and once she had a good long look at the muddy cold and empty field, the other does and yearlings slowly filed out into the field. slow I could hardly see him move, came a small-horned buck. He crawled on his belly to the edge of the woods and then he crawfished backwards into some briars, and he did that whole process again. Then he crawled forward again and just laid on his belly and observed, for what seemed like forever. No sound but the rain falling and my heart thumping. slowly he stood and walked into the field. My old 35 Remington and I finally did the job, and what I found was that this was a very old and very shot-up buck. He was healed, but had several signs of having been 'slightly shot' over the years and he limped pretty badly. This was before we knew anything about aging them by looking at the teeth, but he was far past full maturity - though he still had quite a stable of girlfriends. He was an old smart buck, and if I remember correctly, the meat was tough as boot leather - though tasty.
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