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I was sitting in the woods at about 15yrs old, no gun, just along for the hunt with a buddy and his father. My buddy and I were down in the woods and his father was up working on building a new addition to their cabin. He tossed me a can of skoal wintergreen and I proceeded to put the smallest little baby dip in I could without being made fun of. After about 5 minutes the woods started to spin and I got really woozy and light headed. Yep, it was kickin' my rear, I probably weighed 115lbs at the time.

I took it out after about 15 minutes so I wouldn't vomit and give every animal within a sniff a reason not to come anywhere near us. Just as the trees started standing still again a small doe starts walking in from the right. I was positioned on the ground leaning with my back against a tree to my buddy's right and maybe 6 feet in front of him with 20 feet between us. He was also sitting leaning against a tree.

I tried snapping my fingers to get his attention with no luck, gloves on and all in a Pennsylvania winter. This deer was walking right at us, I turned my head and whispered to him "Hey" then pointed. He saw the deer and raised his rifle, a .30-30 Marlin 336. Broke the shot and then deer scrambled. Whether or not he hit it the first time we don't know because he proceeded to unload the magazine on this animal. By the time it fell it was probably 50 yards from us and had 3 holes in it. We walked up to it after letting it lay there for about 5 minutes and it was good and dead.

And that was the first time I'd ever been deer hunting.
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