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New Old Guy

Grandpa Tom Here!
My Call sign "oldflathead' desribes the older boat engines I rebuild here in Pensacola, FL.
I am a collector of sorts, bunch of muzzle loaders, hand guns and smoke poles. I shoot my sporterized M98 Mauser, 30-06, Winchesters M97 & 94, Marlin 22 + numerous handguns, favorite S & W M1917 revolver .45ACP.

Originally from NE MS, enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1955, a great adventure between the wars. Firefighter in SoCal 30 years, retired and now living by Bayou Chico. Just returned from hunting my Bro's land in NE MS. Got one 7point 250# buck - Good eating.

Local gunners give a call 572 1225

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