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Ok, here is the email I got from 3gun.

The rifle club (Tusco) I belong to is having a steel plate shoot on March 25th(Sunday). This shoot is open to the public. Rifles, pistols, shotguns and full auto all have a place. Shooting runs from around 10am until about 4pm.
Nonmembers must stay at the steel match unless you are with a member. Memberships are around $63 the first year and $37 the following years and are available at the snack bar during the shoot. The club has a 300yard main range, 3 trap fields, a couple of 100 yd ranges and a 50 yd pistol/22 only range and a practice range which is open to full auto. It's located in the Dover area.

How's that sound guys? I could probably swing it (spring quarter starts the next day, might be a pain but doable). I've never done a plate shoot before, sounds interesting.
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