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Self educate

I'm learning how to navigate this website. I'm not experienced with blogs or forums.

I have become very curious about guns and gun politics lately. I grew up around guns and all the people in my family were gun collectors, but I never asked them any questions. Now I am very curious about being educated, responsible, safe, and ultimately having fun. I read some posts on your website, and it seems there are some great replies to peoples honest questions. I learned a lot about the the misuse of the term "assault weapons" in the media, etc from this website. Very informative information.

I apologize if any of my questions seem ignorant, but I have only ever shot revolvers and single shot rifles and have never really concerned myself with gun politics until recently. So here are my questions:

Do gun enthusiasts generally agree that machine guns should not be sold on the market for individual US citizens, along with other weapons, like land mines, bazookas, grenades, etc. Is there a line people draw in regard to the ownership of types of guns? It seems that the 2nd Amendment is clear about "shall not be infringed", although there is also the part about being "well-regulated". There is also the concept that the guns available back when the Constitution was written were single shot weapons. I know that modern day protection is not about muskets anymore, but I am curious as to the various opinions within the gun community. I am NOT asking this to be combative, I merely want to be informed. Is there a general consensus among collectors, hunters, and enthusiasts that have some belief about what is sporty, protective, and constitutionally limitless vs. what should be regulated? Do they agree that felons should not be allowed to buy guns? Do any gun advocates feel like the NICS is a good idea? Did I open a can of worms??

Then my next question is about ammunition. How many bullets can any gun shoot before it has to be reloaded? Does the way a gun load make it more dangerous, like I have heard in the media? I cant imagine that is possible. A good link for educating about ammo would be greatly appreciated. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

[huddos, welcome to TFL. This thread is for introductions only. Look around the board for the best area to ask your questions in one of the discussion sub forums. Use the search function for some extended reading. - Bud Helms]

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