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Also if i stop a CCW holder i assume they're legit as far as not a felon and all. And i tend to let them off with more verbal warnings. Just a thought. Also i don't like to make my way to vehicle and passenger is bent over digging I'n glove box (i have no idea what you're looking for). Better bet my hand is on my sidearm! Just wait until officer asks for info first. And last i hear people saying when you (Leo) or if he asks for CCW I'll show them because they can run me and find out I'm a CCW holder. Again, if i run you! I run only about 1 out of 5 people only and if i don't run you and find out and you don't give me your CCW license and i happen to see it I'n view or i get you out of vehicle and see it then we have a surprise. Again, i give alot more warnings to CCW holders. It's your call handle your business however you choose to.
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