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It didn't confuse me.


This isnt about shooting at a LEO. This is about whether a LEO can drag a citizen out of their vehicle at gunpoint for not informing if in a state where he/she isn't legally obligated too. Why you dragged that video into this conversation I do not understand. It was nothing but inflammatory and completely off-base.
Seriously? At what point did anybody advocate 'dragging a citizen out of their vehicle at gunpoint for not informing'? The whole issue was revolving around what an officer might do, or could do legally, if a person was reaching for papers of some sort and toward a gun. Whether the gun is legal or not is not really the issue. The absurd stupidity of reaching for or toward a gun the cop had no idea was there is the point. Ordering someone to get out of a vehicle is not "dragging" them out. Insuring their own safety is not an infringement on your rights. Exactly what right does a person have to make a move toward a weapon while have a discussion with a cop about a ticket or a flat tire or something? Please explain this right to me.
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