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It's an old I frame, like this one but in much rougher shape:

Her images to me weren't very good, but it was enough for me to ID it, and she affirmed that the above is the same model. So, #55870, combined with that, enough info to give me a guesstimate as to what year it was made? Otherwise, I just told her sometime between the wars.

The photo reference was very helpful. Based on the information provided it would be a.32 Hand Ejector Model of 1903-2nd Change. The s/n range for this model was 51127 - 95500, made from 1906 - 1909.

From what you say about condition, value would not be very high. The current Fjestad Blue Book suggests values in the range of $150 - $200 with 10% to 30% remaining original finish, assuming no broken parts or significant rusting/pitting.
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