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getting into shooting competitions

Hello everyone. Im looking to get into pistol shooting and competition. However im having a tough time determining which pistols i would be best suited for. Im a very small person stand at merely 5'6 and weighing 140. im looking to go 9mm. At first i have had my eyes on the glocks. mainly because they are so prominent. But honestly i would like to get away from the norm, i enjoy using different guns than everyone else just for the sake of being different. So i was looking at the m&p, then a sig, then a walther. Gosh the room is spinning and my head hurts :P the berreta 9fs was also one that i was looking into. Alot of people were complaining that the berreta was heavy. But doesnt weight help control recoil? Please help. Im confused!z

Also i live in western maryland, i turn 21 in may so all i can do is save money now. Which also brings me to another point, money is sort of a factor. I would like to stay around 600 to 700$ if possible. Thank you for your help.
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