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IL searching cars

Cowboy Mo- Il LEOs searching a car because of a CCW permit. What's up with that? Any idea.

On the other hand I believe much about what goes on with traffic stops has to do with the totality of the circumstances.
Why were you stopped? Something obviously being or seeming out of place prior to or during the stop.
What time?
I've stopped numerous cars in my career because of an erratic move not everyone was drunk or high or involved in any type illegal action other than their operation of the vehicle. I would approach the vehicle after the stop, print it and at the drivers shoulder say something along the lines of "evening, morning I'm ------- with------ I stopped you because of the way you swerved into the other lane and jerked back (or whatever reason) is everyting okay? I've had responses from spilled some hot coffee on my crotch, my thong is riding up, their was a wasp in here, I was trying to make junior put the frog down and on and on and I've locked a good many drunks too.
Any officer that doesn't approach a vehicle during a traffic stop in a high state of alertness should not be approaching a vehicle. If they can't do that they should go home.
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