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I have a MO ccw permit. If I am traveling in MO and stopped by a State Patrolman I don't have to say anything because they have the MULES system which will pull up my info when they run my plate (before they ever approach the vehicle).

If I am going to be traveling in another state, I will know their rules and abide by them if a stop occurs.

If I am traveling in IL, I will NOT be carrying inside the vehicle and I will NOT (definitely NOT) disclose my permit status to the LEO. In fact, I have a MO non driver ID which lists my ccw status. I will hand an IL LEO my regular driver's license which does not show that I am a permit holder.

There have been several documented cases where LEO's in IL have searched the vehicle just because they knew the driver was a ccw permit holder. Therefore I just avoid the hassle.
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