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I remember once, hunting with my Uncle Eddie, we were duck hunting from a family blind on Catahoula Lake. I ws probably 14 or 15 years old. We got there before daylight, waded to the blind and settled in. Shortly before daylight we heard movement in the decoys. The decoys were in about 6-8 inches of water in a shallow prairie lake in the Catahoula swamp.

Something was moving in the decoys. As it slowly turned to dawn, my Uncle looked out and saw a big hog. A really big hog, nearly 500 lbs, in the decoys, walking from decoy to decoy, eating the heads off of them. Uncle Ed stood and shot that hog, meaning to shoot it in the butt and run it out of the decoys.

Just as Eddie stood, that hog turned his head to look back over his shoulder. Some of that lead #6 shot hit that hog in the neck and the hog fell over, on his side, in the decoys. Now, we all know that a charge of lead #6 shot cannot kill a big hog, yet there he lay, bleeding, slowly turning the water red.

Uncle Ed looked at me. "Boy, go drag that hog out of the decoys."

"Like hell," I retorted. "Ain't no three men could drag that hog out of there, and we're the only two people here."

We didn't kill any ducks that day. The red water and the carcass of that hog was spooking them pretty badly.
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