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It's pretty much a certified good guy card.
I once had a cop who could not have been over 25 lecture me on how the DW CBOB I was carrying cocked and locked was dangerous. He insisted on taking possession of it and but had no idea of how to unload it. I had to get out of the car drop the mag, thumb the safety off and clear the gun.

IMHO that is simply not true. I have been pulled over maybe 6 times in 10+ years of having a CHP. Some officers do not give it a second thought. Some however have a huge chip on their shoulders. This cop had no clue but because he wore a badge he assumed that he i was right.

You mean those guys who are sworn to uphold the law? I'm sorry, but I see those guys as my peers (even my employees in an indirect sense). I respect them and will support them doing their job, but do not fear them or feel compelled to offer them information about myself that they do not need to know or have a right to know under the law.
Spacecoast is spot on with this post.
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