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Well, gentlemen.. I'm going to have to play devil's advocate here.

I would agree with wagonman. He's NOT talking about searching someone's car, NOT talking about walking up and yanking someone out of their car without reason, he IS talking about HIS situational awareness and the surprise introduction of a gun into the scenario...

No but it is when I see a weapon that I don't know about on a traffic stop.

Seems reasonable to me. I wish everybody CCWed, let's just be adult about it.
Sadly most people now a days if NOT restrained would get into a "let me explain, it's my right, I'll get you fired " argument with a gun drawn on them and reach for a license or make some other move that would lead to a more tragic event.

If a person did not disclose your CC-License, and more importantly their possession of a weapon and while fumbling for insurance, registration, ect.. a gun happens to peep out, then yes, for the officers safety it is more important that the person is restrained until the situation can be assessed and clarified. That's why it would be easier to start at the point of notification and work forward than to end up on the ground and work it back.

His actions of pulling someone out of the car and detaining them would "seem reasonable" to me too until he can assess his safety and they safety of the individual.

I always present my DL and CCL, then I EXPECT any LEO to ask IF I am carrying. If he doesn't BEFORE I move my hands to reach for anything I make him aware that I am carrying and what it is I am reaching for.
I think of others safety but I put MY SAFETY First. Sounds a bit over done but I'm not taking the chance of a rookie leo panicking and the vet leo's appreciate it.
"The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it."
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