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i dont tell them i have a gun, but i also have my licence, registration, insurance card all ready for them when they walk up. If asked to get out of the car for a search would tell them, "Im carring a,legally, consealed weapon and there are a few knives in the car, i have a emergency diabetis kit in the glove box, blah blah.." but i believe they have to ask before doing a pat down anyway.

i imagine that if its a normal traffic violation type stop ie your not running from the cops or driving eratically as to avoid the cop or whatever... that the cop may or may not see a person going through the motions of getting his documents ready so would think "oh he is getting his papers, or farting, or whatever..."

i highly doubt that most cops think "OH CRAP HE IS MOVING AROUND OBVIASLY HE IS GRABBING A GUN!!"
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