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Medina show


Medina is a nice show - at least you don't have to pay for parking like some of the others (and I almost got boxed in at the last Summit show). You might as well bring some cash because there will most likely be something that will catch your eye and hey, you've already paid your five bucks, you might as well get something and not go home empty handed. If I remember, the last show I was contemplating finally getting setup to reload .223 and came home with a Makarov and ammo. My plan this time is to leave with just a Lee auto-disk powder measure but who knows what's gonna happen.


geez man, how do you already know what you are going to wear? I think I'm going to roll out of bed and put on whatever stinks the least...

I'll probably get there around 9:00 - I think Plateshooter got me into the habit of getting there at opening, lest I miss that one great bargain (which I still have yet to find)

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