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(by AK103K): Dont you already have your paperwork in hand when he gets to the window?
I've been wondering the same thing. When I get pulled over I have my license(s) in my hand and hands on the wheel with window rolled down before the officer gets to my door. BUT admittedly in Texas it's a little easier. I don't have to show insurance or registration because the officer looks it all up based on your license. I've had officer's tell me they don't need my insurance. Admittedly there's about a 3 second instance where the officer may see me "reach for something in my back pocket", but it's doubtful since I usually have it out of my back pocket before we're done coming to a stop.

It's also the reason why I hand them both licenses. In Texas it's required to inform, but there's no penalty to not do so. BUT when they run your license it will come back CCW and then you get to have the "well why didn't you inform, where is your gun, why are you trying to hide things etc..." conversation which I'll happily pass on.
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