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You have received some very good tips from the other posters on this thread, here's mine.

Camo clothing, I'm a firm believer in it because I want to blend into my surroudings as much as possible.
I do not like to to have any bare skin reflecting light and this holds true especially with your hands and face.
If it's to warm to wear my camo hood over my hat I use camo paint on my face, neck and ears.
I also do not want any reflection off of my equipment I'm using.

Picking your spots to make your hides is very important.
You want to take advantage of everything you can and especially the wind, I try to keep it in my face if possible.
I always sit with something at my back that will help break up my image, I dont want to look like a big lump sitting out there.
I try to make my hides so the animals approach will be in clear shooting lanes, I do not want anything in front of me that may deflect a bullet.
I pick hides that I can sneak into and sneak back out of, I don't want to educate the coyotes anymore then I have to.
I never hunt the same hides to often.

When it comes to the calls I use, I have both mouth blown calls and electronic calls and I've had good success with both.
If I'm going to be walking long distances I rely only on mouth blown calls as I don't want the extra weight of the electronic calls.
At every new hide I make I wait at least 15 minutes before I start calling, this gives everything a chance to settle down.
Rabbit distress sounds work good until the coyotes get educated to them, then you will need to switch up with pup distress sounds or bird distress sounds.
During the breeding season coyote sounds work real well.
Even though I don't normally use a decoy I do agree with JJ that they are a big help.
I have a cadre of mouth blown calls everything from expensive custom hand made calls to mass produced manufacture calls, they all work well.
That being said my favorite mouth blown rabbit squealing calls is my "Little Buddie" predator calls. These things are not very expensive, they look like a couple of ink pin tops with reeds in them, they sure bring in the coyotes.

As for other equipment, I like a cushion to sit on, I prefer one that's water proof.
As for the guns I use, depending on where I'm hunting I use a 12 ga shotgun with #4 buck, 223, 22-250 and 243.
I use the shotgun and 223 for closer in work and night time hunting, for longer range work I use the 22-250 and 243 these are my day time guns.
The reason I like the longer range guns for the daytime work is because I've had coyotes sit-up on me at longer ranges and no amount of coaxing would bring them in, the long range shot takes care of that problem.

If you are going to use mouth blown calls practice a calling sequence and don't over use the call when out hunting.
Listening to a couple of elctronic calls will help you learn a calling sequence.
As for electronic calls the Fox Pros are hard to beat.

Good luck on your hunting, and don't get discouraged.
Once you call your first one in it's real easy to get hooked on this type of hunting.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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