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Again, there is basic negligence and there is criminal negligence. You want to talk conflation...

Meanwhile, bearing in mind that many cops are not gun guys, how many of us grew up watching Magnum PI rack his 1911, then tuck it in the back of his waistband?

I stopped carrying a 1911 in one shoulder holster I had, because I found that the thumb safety would get clicked off sometimes during carry. Yet some posters to this thread seem to think a 1911 is ok for Mexican carry.

Pocket carry, meanwhile, could be pants or coat. It can allow for dropping of the weapon, and foreign object intrusion.

Meanwhile, JohnKSA says a holster must guard the trigger. Yet a lot of revolver guys use Threepersons type holsters, that wholly expose the trigger. And DeSantis just introduced a pocket holster that leaves a hole over the trigger guard, and another over the grip, so the gun can be shot from the pocket...

Make the guy pay for the floor. Make the guy pay for the woman's doctor visit. Slap him with a fine, pull his gun privileges pending remedial training, and put a note in his file at the department. That is all fine. Why, exactly, do we need to give the guy a criminal record?

Edit: this would be a great opportunity for the department to put out an order that all handguns shall be carried in some kind of holster, if they already haven't; for Wisconsin to stipulate holsters for CCW, if it hasn't; and for the sergeant to be assigned to give lectures about not being a bonehead. Those are all more appropriate than criminal action.

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