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I still dont understand what the gun has to do with you being stopped for a traffic violation. Was the gun somehow a part of it? Was it the reason for it?

Another thing I dont get, is why would you be reaching for "anything" with the cop there. Dont you already have your paperwork in hand when he gets to the window? I know I always do. Not that Im doing anything wrong, but the last thing I want to do, is visibly offer up anything else than necessary for the business at hand. Whats in the glove box or console (or whole car for that matter) is my business, none of his. Unless of course, I make it his, by "unnecessarily" letting him see something unrelated to the matter at hand, that might draw interest. Why turn "nothing", into something else?

Since many seem to be so concerned about weapons and I guess the cops safety, do you also offer up your pocket knives, any pointy tools, impact type "weapons", ect, in the car or on your person? Arent they just as scary and dangerous?

I get the impression from some of the responses, this is more about showing the cop (or anyone else) you are a "big boy" too, and are "allowed" to have a gun, than it is about anything else. If youre not required to tell them, then its none of their business, unless they, or you, make it otherwise. At that point, you have to deal with it, not before.
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