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k, been following this one since it started.
I highly doubt the officer went out with the intent of this happening.
Did it happen? Yes. Speculation aside it was negligence on his part.

Having worked in a few DOJ & DOD offices I have met some gun handling cocky LEOs. One got EXTREMELY offended when I asked him not to throw around the bag he had his service weapon in.

He said it was IMPOSSIBLE for it to miss fire. A few weeks later he had a misfire at the range when he "forgot" about the chambered round pulled the clip and dropped the safety on what he thought was an empty weapon.

It's not the exact scenario but JMO, if it's exposed to other things around it (such as in his bag) or out of a holster where it can snag or an accidental trigger pull can occur it's a bad idea.

Not sure who posted earlier but they mentioned a pocket carry which I would say is not as bad, because your pocket "becomes the holster" but like it was also said on here it's too easy to forget about the house key you had in your pocket or to drop that pen in your hand in there along with it...

My basic premise is, carrying with out a holster (especially if it's a trigger action safety or no safety set up) is a lot like screwing without a condom, sure it feels good, but it is careless and you better be able to deal with the consequences....
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