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Originally Posted by MLeake
Since there have been many gun owners, over the years, for whom holster-less carry was normal, IMO you can't establish recklessness simply because you (and I) think holster-less is a bad idea.
To me, it appears you are trying to take a more general practice that can be done safely or with significantly less risk (carrying a handgun without a holster) and conflate it with a practice that is almost impossible to do safely (carrying a cocked and loaded constant action handgun with no holster or device to block access to the trigger). I don't know if you are doing it intentionally, unintentionally or just don't understand why that is an important difference in this case.

I don't think you'll find that most gun owners regard the holsterless carry of cocked and loaded safe-action pistols as normal. And even if they did, it is still an unsafe practice, regardless of how many people do it. I think JohnKSA outlined why very well.
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