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Holsterless carry is a bad idea, and when it endangers others it goes beyond that to reckless. You claim carelessness rather than recklessness. We do not need a statute to establish the difference. We need only to look at the cause of the action that put lives at risk. You say that carrying a 'safe action' pistol stuck in your pants is normal because some do it, and it is not specifically prohibited. I say that when you carry a weapon in a reckless manner you assume the risks that go with it.

I once went rabbit hunting with a guy who carried a semi auto shotgun through fields and woods all day without using his safety. At the end of the day, I noticed that long before he shot he had his finger on the trigger and he did not disengage the safety before shooting. When I asked about it, he told me he wanted to be ready to shoot and he never used the safety. What he learned from this opportunity was hunting or shooting with me was no longer an option. It was careless on my part to hunt with someone who did not follow the rules. It was reckless on his part not to. We don't need a law or lawyer to know the difference.
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