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A backstop of earth must have slopes to prevent slips and a flat on top. It should be at least as wide as it is tall. Slopes on back and sides should be 30 degrees or less and the flat on top should be 1/4th the height; shooting side slope is generally as steep as can be maintained.

Fill dirt, which is not topsoil, runs about $20 a yard.

A 25 foot high backstop will take about 600 yards of dirt. That’s $12,000.

I have trees on my property.
Many of these trees are dead or not all that good.
The price being paid for timber is low.
If I had no trees I could buy trees cheap.

If I were to dig up 600 yards of dirt I would sell it.

For a backstop I use logs.

For the dirt money I would trade for a truck which isn’t as rusty as mine.
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