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I've done my best to carefully orchestrate my traffic stop procedure, though thankfully, I have not had an opportunity to put it into practice as of yet. I'm not required to notify here in CO, but I figure that anything I can do to make a traffic stop less stressful likely won't hurt. However, if I'm stopped on the street and ID is demanded, that's a different story entirely...but I digress.

Anyway, both my DL and my CCW are in a thin leather bi-fold that I carry in my back pocket. When I get in the car, I drop it in the center console cup holder, where it's plainly visible. My other vehicle docs are in a plastic envelope tucked under the passenger side visor. When stopped, and after confirming that the person walking up behind me is a legitimate LEO, my plan is to wait with both hands visible at the top of the steering wheel, interior light on at night, with the driver window down. When asked to produce my information, I'll verbally inform the officer where each item is before slowly reaching for and handing them over. Neither place should look like I'm reach for anything concealed and there's no digging around involved. Upon seeing the CCW, if the officer wants to know where the handgun is, I'll tell him.
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