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Best thing you can do is study! The coyote is one of the smartest of God's creations. It has possibly the best Nose, eyes and ears in the woods. The do like to get a sniff sometimes when they respond to a distress call. I think it is more to make sure there isn't something killing the prey that can kill them as well. Movement stands out to them like a beacon! A decoy is worth it's weight in gold! Try to set the decoy about 30 or so yards away and about the same upwind with a cross wind. This way whan/if it circles downwind it is in your lap. Any call played right will call them in. Get one and practice. A LOT! I would also sugest searching for "Bucking the Odds" on Youtube. They have a buch of videos on there to see what to expect and sound like! Then order some patience from any online retailer that sales it. It is the most rewarding hunting I have experienced, but the most frustating as well. Study, study and study! Good luck!
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