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This is the number stamped on the butt of the grip: 41xxx.
S&W reused the same serial numbers thru many different model and over a large span of years.
To even get close we would have to first figure out what model of S&W it is.
Does the cylinder swing out to load/unload or does the whole barrel and cylinder assembly tilt down to load/unload?
What is the caliber? It should be stamped on the side of the barrel.
How many rounds does it hold?
We'll start from there.
A picture would really help.

Model 36, Serial # 361XXX
SN's ran from 295000 in 1962 to 786544 in 1969.
You'd be right around 1964.

32 S&W long Regulation Police Target, serial number 5049XX
Wish I could be of more help but all the book shows is 260000 in 1917 to 536000 in 1942.

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