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Since this resurfaced from something I said - I will remind you that I was bringing forth arguments that might be used against earlier gun rights.

You are foolish if you don't consider opposition positions and how to counter them beyond complaining that you don't like them.

So if the argument is that they are immature but supervised in the service - how do you counter that to extend rights to relatively unsupervised young people.

Yep, the age limit is not crystal clear. We did change the drinking age, BTW.

So if the opposition says that young people are risk takers as shown by:

1. Risky sexual behavior
2. Driving records
3. Drug experimentation
4. The need for tight supervision in the service

- What do you say? If I'm undecided - convince me. Surface validity indicates not to trust young kids. Look at those idiots rioting for Coach Patterno.

See the game. Can't just assume everyone is the choir.

I work in a college and as I said before - I argued for campus carry and heard all the points above. What to you say?
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