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So, K_Mac, is it reasonable to assume you think all hunting accidents that result in injury should be criminally charged? All traffic accidents? All boating accidents? If not, what is your cutoff for criminal vs civil liability?
No, that conclusion is not supported by my posts.

I think the question of where the line is drawn is a fair one though. At the end of the day the line is not always clear. You simply cannot use a one size fits all answer to this question. All hunting, or boating, or lawn darts accidents are not criminal, but if someone is killed or injured and you have been reckless in your actions, maybe it is. To use your argument, mens rea is either intent or recklessness. The administration of justice is is not simple or easy. Our system of justice that you find oppressive takes this into consideration.

Back on topic, if this negligent discharge of a weapon in a shopping mall is not 'endangering safety by use of a deadly weapon' what is? Is it right for the government to have laws on the books that protect citizens? Seems like I've read that somewhere...
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