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The issue isn't about holsters or not,,,

In my mind the issue is that the man allowed his gun to go out of his immediate control and a bad thing happened as a result of it.

This line of the statute applies here,,,
"Endangers another's safety by the negligent operation or handling of a dangerous weapon"

One can waistband carry for years and if nothing ever happens then negligence never happened.

But in this case something bad did happen,,,
So I think a charge is completely valid.

Mleake made a point that I am in some agreement with,,,
We may have become a society too eager to lay blame and deal out punishment.

In that light I will not call out for him to be hung out to dry,,,
But some sort of punitive sanction should be applied towards him.

The charge could just be "Stupid in Public",,,
He should not however be allowed to get off scott free.

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