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Hello fellow enthusiasts, the gun grabbers and the sheeps will love to use articles like this to perpetuate their anti-gun rights ideologies.
I am not sure why people feel a need to say things like this. It seems amazing that this will get said so as to further demonize the anti-gun people because they are so evil in pointing out this stupid and reckless act, but then the person saying it will then do the exact same thing in pointing out the stupid and reckless act.

This article shows multiple negligence and carelessness.
So by your statements you have given anti-gunners a voice here without then even having posted themselves.

Of course, can you really blame them for using such materials we gun owners so blatantly do stupid stuff? If the anti-gunners aren't all over this guy, we should be. Such behaviors by the passenger and by the cop are unacceptable.

My goal is for us to be able to identify and discussion them so we can keep the education going. so please keep the comments flowing.
I didn't exactly follow what your stated goal was, but don't you think you could achieve your goals without presenting the arguments of anti-gunners first? For crying out loud, you gave them top billing, even, by mentioning them first.

The traveller was grossly irresponsible and the officer screwed up. What are the lessons here? First and foremost, don't take firearms, loaded or otherwise, through airport security checkpoints. If you are not bright enough to understand that you packed it yourself, then you deserve to get busted for it.
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