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"For me that would mean digging in the glove box across the bench seat of the truck. I would think that would be an excellent way to make an officer jumpy. I kill the engine, turn on interior lights, keep my hands where they are, and awaite my instructions.

These guys deal with enough scum and bs. I figure it is good to make their lives easier and let em know from the start Im a good guy. I dont do drugs, dont drive if ive had too many, and generally do nothing illegal so i have zero to hide. I just dont see a point in holding back."

1), I'd rather dig in the glovebox and have my hands stationary and visible when they arrive, rather than have to dig when they're at the window.

2) Just because you don't have something to hide does not mean you will be treated that way. I did not have anything to hide and had to spend some very stressful minutes anyways. Some have ended up having a gun pointed at them, been cuffed, had their car searched, or been detained all for disclosing a legally carried gun when they have nothing to hide.

I have no ill intent for any officer. If I don't tell them about a gun -- legal in my state -- I have nothing to gain except headaches by informing.
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