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Can one of the posters who pocket carries without a holster explain why? A Nemesis pocket holster costs less than $20, it breaks up the outline of the gun, it protects the trigger, as well as most of the rest of the gun, it keeps the gun oriented in the proper direction for drawing, and it keeps your pockets from wearing out.
I can't speak for others. I tried pocket holsters and never found one that suited me. It created more bulk, and looked like something weird.

I carry my 642 in my pocket (without anything else) and it looks no more bulky then my keys, pocket knife, and pocket watch in my other pocket. In fact if you notice it at all, just looks like junk like the other pocket.

I have had a problem with it "shifting" The always sets the same way where when I put my hand in my pocket, I get the grip.

Its fast too, faster then any holster I've tried. I can get it out pretty quick. I don't draw or use it on public ranges, I only shoot it in my back yard range, just in case some one gets nervous.

If I diside to shoot a match with my 642 I use a belt holster.

The only problem I've had in the last, almost 40 years, with this method is, a couple times while in the shower my wife forgets and grabs my pants and heads toward the washing machine without checking the pockets. Now she pretty much leaves my pants alone until I empty the pockets and toss them in the hamper.

When I use holsters I've found them inconvient, taking them off in the evening 'n such. My pocket revolver is always with me, I hang my pants on the beadpost at night keeping it handy.

Not saying pocket carry is for everyone, it just the way I do it.

OH by the way. I was at our club meeting tonight and someone had a Glock. I dry fired it a bit and its not quite like my 642. I would never carry a glock without a holster. The trigger is a bit different, not even considering the size.
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