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Hi, folks. Maybe someone here could save me a trip to the library in downtown Nashville? I can get this information, but I'm hoping some kind soul will help me out here thus depriving OPEC of their pound of flesh (gallons of gas.) I'm looking for a ballpark age on this SW revolver that recently came into my husband's possession? It was his father's gun, who took it off someone who drew on him back when he was a state trooper. This is the number stamped on the butt of the grip: 41xxx. There are no letters before the numbers or unusual spaces between them. It has a pearl (mother of pearl?) grip. There is some pitting, but I recognized the SW trademark. Otherwise the engravings are pretty difficult to decipher. Thanks in advance.

Edited to add: It is 4 inches from the face of the cylinder to the end of the barrel. -s3

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