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First i have a sw .357 magnum K 264509 I think it is stainless but might just be crome plated.
A "K" s/n prefix indicates it is built on the medium K frame with adjustable rear sight. In .357 Magnum caliber it would be the Combat Magnum. In fact it would be one of the first 5,000 ever made. Roy Jinks in "History of Smith & Wesson" says the factory set aside numbers K260001 to K265000 for the first group made in 1955 and sold in '55 and '56.

S&W did not use stainless steel at that time. The Combat Magnum was made with either blue or nickel finish, with blue being much more common.

wonder if the .357 is worth getting repaired or if it will cost more than the gun is worth?
Depends on how much repair is needed. If it is just a matter of the cylinder not carrying up properly, or having rotational and/or fore-and-aft play, having it retuned is fairly straightforward. If it were mine I'd be getting in touch with S&W and work with them to see what needs to be done and what the cost would be. Certainly the Combat Magnum is a fine revolver and well worth the time and effort.

sw .22 long rifle ctg K 88284.
The s/n dates to 1950. It is most likely a K-22 Masterpiece (6") barrel, possibly a Combat Masterpiece (4" barrel). Re-bluing pretty much kills any collector interest but assuming it is in sound condition it is one of the finest .22 revolvers ever made and still in demand as a shooter.

Any value estimates I gave would be so full of qualifiers and over such a broad range as to be useless.
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