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WIN73, what a beautiful rifle, WOW. However that particular rifle wasnt ownered by a working cowhand. Its condition is too fine to have been used by such a rough group of laborers. I wish I had your rifle and you had a better one.
I wish I knew its history before my father bought it. He paid $5 for it. That doesn't sound like much until you realize it was almost a weeks pay for him at the time. He was making 15 cents an hour working on a road building crew. He got paid $1.50 for a 10 hour day.

The '73 received no special treatment until fairly recent times. I grew up on a farm in SE Missouri. It just stood in a corner with the other guns. It was a working gun.

I realize that no cowboy would have carried it on his horse. He would have used the carbine version with the 20 inch round barrel. This is the rifle version with 24 inch octogon barrel. The carbine would have been much handier and lighter.
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