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How to make a 642 or 442 trigger cycle in holster-less pocket carry:

Forget a house or car key in that pocket, then insert gun. That'll do it.

I have more then one pocket. One is just for my 642. I have other pockets for the other junk.

I started the pocket carry when I was in LE. That was Anchorage and being Alaska, it got nippy in spots. We had Parka's and even though they had a zipper side to get to the gun, everthing hung up. So I started carrying a snubby in my parka pocket. (nothing else in that pocket). I figured it worse came to worse I could shoot from the pocket and if I felt the need, I kept my hand in my pocket. No one knew I was "ready". No one saw the revolver.

The same thing, only now its my pants pocket. Nothing to hang up on, and nothing to catch the trigger.

I don't ask others to do this, but I've been doing it for nearly 40 years and ain't shot my self yet.
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