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And yet you could fail to maintain adequate following distance on a wet road, fail to get enough traction, and rear-end a stopped car - yet not draw criminal charges unless the state decided you weren't only too close, but reckless. Drivers kill people in preventable accidents, and get reamed in civil court, yet typically they do not face criminal records or jail times.
In this example the driver doing the rear-ending would be cited for too fast for conditions, failure to have his vehicle under proper control, or some similar charge. He would be fined accordingly; and, if someone was killed or injured and there was any evidence of recklessness or negligence he would be charged accordingly.

And yet I feel we as a nation tend to overcharge and/or criminalize way too many things. This is especially true when guns are involved.
MLeake I agree that the guy was stupid. While we would probably agree on many of the things Government should stay out of, carrying a weapon in a way that puts others at risk is reckless. When guns are involved we have have the responsibility of doing everything right. When we don't we endanger ourselves and others, and we give the knotheads in Government reason to clamor for more control. Peace.
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