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She's received her father's old .32, S&W #55870. I've shot these guns before, but can't say that I'm knowledgeable about them. Any info I can pass along to her would be most welcome.

This one needs more information, preferably a couple of clear photos of both sides. At a minimum it would be necessary to know if it is single action; double action with exposed hammer; or double action with concealed hammer.

There were several top-break S&Ws in .32 S&W which could have had the s/n referenced; for example the model 1 1/2 single action, the .32 Double Action 4th model, and the .32 Safety Hammerless 1st Model.

The Hand Ejector with swing-out cylinder was also chambered in .32 caliber but for the .32 S&W Long cartridge.

First, thanks for doing this. I think that it is a real service to the community
laytonj1 is the person who really deserves thanks for this very informative thread. His first post was #3 back in January 2008 so he is coming up on four years of answering questions, and has answered thousands of requests. I and a couple of others chip in as time permits to help carry the load a bit, but it is really Jim Layton's diligence that makes this thread work.
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