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Will Lee
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Nice for getting deer to bunch up, nose to nose...then when 1 gets sick, all the rest do too...Nice


Deer live in bunchs in the wild. Those bunchs communicate, eat out of the same fields and acorn patchs. They run the same grounds and sometimes a bunch will even join another bunch.
Ever witness a group of does join another group and the two dominate does spar for who was going to lead the pack?
Then we have buck bachelor groups that run together throughout the summer with bucks dropping out and joining the group all season.

Could a feeder help to spread an already existing disease,yep, but if a disease is in a deer herd, more than likely the disease will spred rampantly on its own without feeders.
We do not have to worry about sickly deer. We have a thriving population of Coyotes.
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